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Just like the title suggests, I realized there was a need for a daily marketing news show in the podcasting space. I really try to focus on certain topics everyday you might have missed or certain blogs and news sources you might have missed in your daily readings that will guide you into making better business choices.

I run ZERO advertisements on the show.

I try to get through 4 and sometimes 5 different news sources in every show. My goal is to provide you with a quick 5 minute recap. Running advertisements not only makes that goal impossible, but wastes your time.

I provide the links of each news source in the show notes of each episode.

At the end of each episode, I will briefly mention the opportunity to receive all the news articles I mention during the week in my Weekly Marketing Roundup.

This is YOUR marketing news show for this new generation of online marketing. I stress talking about social media news that will affect marketing habits in the short and long term. I will also occasionally share traditional marketing news as well as relevant business and industry news such as IPO's and big stock news WHEN they are relevant to marketing.

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I consistently publish my daily episodes on multiple platforms. I also enjoy connecting and talking about marketing with others online.

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