How I Made $5,000 in 25 Minutes

How I Made $5,000 in 25 Minutes

In early 2017, one of my affiliate partners reached out to me wanting to gain more website visitors.

I have been sending him web clicks since late 2015.

We spoke on the phone for about 20–30 minutes, discussing multiple options he can take to receive the best value for his money.

I decided on giving him an amazing deal: 1 year of banner advertisements on my website for only $5,000.

He would go on to receive around 600,000 Ad impressions during this time. This was a steal for him based on my web traffic and average click rate of 0.5% for pop up ads.

From that, I can estimate he generated around 3,000 clicks throughout the year for an average CPC (cost-per-click) of $1.65; in an industry that you cannot pay for ads on Facebook or Google.

Giving him a deal like this opened up the door to up-sell him throughout the year on email blasts and sponsored posts; and it worked.

I made another $1,500 from him throughout 2017 in other promotions. None of this is accounting for affiliate sales I made through web clicks.

This was just one example of establishing trust with affiliate partners by guaranteeing a positive ROI in their investment with my website’s advertising opportunities.

How was it a positive ROI?

For starters, I know that this particular partner’s website sales conversion rate from my web clicks hover around 10% (based on my affiliate data on the back-end).

This means out of those 3,000 clicks he generated 300 sales. We also know his average sale from our website clicks were around $45 (which we also received a 25% commission from — double dip).

That’s over $13,000 in sales generated! Now, I don’t know his profit margin on the products (I never dealt with the e-com side of things), but I do know that he only spent 5k to generate 13k in sales minus margin.

These are the situations that I feel aren’t talked about enough in the online space. Establishing trust by providing more value is an under-appreciated topic of interest.

Speaking of interests…

I enjoy writing on topics such as SEO, Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Trends.

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