I am the co-founder of West Adams Project LLC. The business is a conglomerate of multiple website projects that were taken on at different times since it's foundation in 2013. To date, the business has owned at one or more times up to 3 dozen websites.

A majority of these websites were made or purchased with the intent of using the domains for SEO purposes. Some examples of SEO strategies used on these websites include the building out of a Private Blog Network (PBN) and web 2.0 properties for link distribution.

Building out websites for Tier-1 & Tier 2 distribution is a common practice used in our business. The websites listed below are websites created to push into emerging industries online while building out niche and authority sites:

Dayduel Logo

Dayduel | Daily Fantasy Sports Review Site

Website Creation Date: 2013

Total Visitors: 102,000

Average Time on Page:  4:29

In October 2013, I started dayduel.com (site is no longer active) with my business partner, TJ Bowman. It was the first crack at affiliate marketing and website building I had experienced.

Daily fantasy sports was just taking off, and a little known site called Fanduel was gaining popularity. It was the perfect test market.

After a few weeks tinkering with the Keyword Research Tool inside Google Adwords, I had finally created a short-list of keywords to target for content creation.

The intentions of the website were to be a niche review website inside the daily fantasy sports realm. By January 2014, the site was ranking for "Fanduel-related" keywords such as "Fanduel Review".

Below are some screenshots of the website traffic stats:

Dayduel Sitewide History of Traffic (mobile)
Traffic Breakdown by Landing Page
Dayduel Sitewide Traffic
Screenshot of Dayduel's Traffic by Landing Page (2013-2016)
Dayduel Sitewide Traffic Graph 2013-2015
Screenshot of Dayduel's Site-wide Traffic Report (2013-2016)
Best Clearomizer Logo

Best Clearomizer | Vape Tank Review Site

Website Creation Date: 2013

Total Visitors: 7.4 Million

Average Time on Page:  4:16

Two months after starting dayduel.com, I started working on bestclearomizer.com.

During initial market and keyword research,  I stumbled on vaping tanks. They were new devices in a growing market and no one was writing reviews on them.

"I was the first vaping website to write reviews on vaping tanks, back in December of 2013."

During 2014, I had written product reviews for every single device and tank that was on the market that year. 2015 was the year that vaping went mainstream, and the website already boasted great topical and SEO authority for over 13 months.

This proved to be the website's best year, as the popularity in vaping soared. I ended up hiring a team of content writers, editors and publishers. We were publishing on average a review per day for most of 2015.

"To date, this website has been the most successful project I have ever worked on, and the one I learned the most from."

Below are some website traffic stats:

Best Clearomizer Sitewide Page Traffic Stats (mobile)
Traffic Breakdown by Landing Page
Best Clearomizer Sitewide Traffic Stats by Landing Page (2013-2018)
Screenshot of Best Clearomizer's Traffic by Landing Page (2013-2018)
Best Clearomizer Traffic Graph
Screenshot of Best Clearoromizer's Site-wide Traffic Report (2013-2018)

To date, the website has generated over 3 million dollars in referred sales to industry partners. Total sales generated in terms of life-time value of the customer (in the vaping industry) is estimated to be between 9-11 million.

mandoplastic logo

Mandatory Plastic | Disc Golf Review Site

Website Creation Date: 2015

Total Visitors: 53,000

Average Time on Page:  4:21

Riding the wave of the success from the vaping affiliate site, I wanted to test out a number of different marketing strategies I had previous neglected or didn't focus on during my time managing Dayduel and BestClearomizer.

I decided to build out mandatoryplastic.com completely on my own. My goals were to focus on not building any SEO backlinks, and to prove that with proper implementation of on-page SEO you can rank a brand new site to the top of page 1 in the SERPS in a relatively non-competitive niche.

I achieved ranking #1 for my target keywords within the first 4 months. I used Reddit and a popular disc golf forum as a way to boost new article releases so they would catch in Google faster.

I also generated email sign-ups for the monthly giveaways I would run. Below are some website traffic stats:

site traffic by landing page (mobile)
Web Traffic since 2015
mandoplastic site traffic
Web Traffic since 2015
Site Wide Traffic Mandatory Plastic
Screenshot of Mandatory Plastic's Site-wide Traffic Report (2016-2018)
mandatory plastic traffic source pie chart
Traffic Sources (Pie Chart)

Huron Valley Media (2016-Present)

I am the owner of Huron Valley Media. The business is a digital and social media marketing agency that serves Southeastern Michigan. I partner with local businesses to help build their digital marketing strategies, bringing in new customers, and increasing engagement across their brands' web presence.

I have consulted with over a dozen clients since 2016, helping them strategize different marketing objectives for their businesses. I have focused on implementing email, social media and search engine marketing into their marketing plans, and we have seen a positive ROI on their ad spend as well as an uptick in customer retention.

The campaigns listed below are some examples of Facebook and Google Paid Advertising campaigns I have implemented for my clients:


Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Advertising

Since 2016, I have been partnering with local businesses to help build their digital marketing strategies, bringing in new customers, and increasing engagement across their brands' web presence.

Since most of my experience had been lead generation by SEO, I took a few courses to update my knowledge base in lead nurturing and best practices for social media advertising.

During 2016, I took part in Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Course. I actually found it extremely useful. Although I already knew a majority of what He taught in the course, I learned the business model for how he attracts new clients.

Besides learning his tactics for attracting small businesses, I also caught up on the go-to strategies for Paid advertising on Facebook and other social platforms. Since taking his course, I've been able to successfully generate a positive ROI for my clients with Facebook Ads.

Below are some screenshots and testimonials of a few Google Ad & Facebook Advertising Campaigns I had done for previous clients:

Sandbar Bar & Grill | Belleville, Michigan

Local Restaraunt Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad Campaign (3 days) | Burger Giveaway with $100 Budget
International Vapor 
3 day FB Ad Campaign w/ $100 Budget

This campaign was for a local restaurant in Belleville, Michigan. Over a 3-day period, we spent $82 to collect a total of 90 email addresses. We targeted a 5 mile radius around the restaurant and received near 9,000 impressions during this time.

The cost per acquisition was .91 cents (per email). This was a great test run for the restaurant. They now had 90 new people on an email list to promote their weekly deals to.

Lakeshore Apartments | Ypsilanti, Michigan

lakeshore ad example
Facebook Ad Campaign (30 Days) | Generated 600+ website clicks with <$200 Ad Budget
Lakeshore Ad Picture
30 Day FB Campaign w/ <$200 Budget

This campaign was for an apartment complex in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2016. I only spent $175 during a 30-day campaign and generated 685 website visits.

This is an amazing statistic, and most likely won't happen again. This was back when Facebook Ads were still extremely under-priced, and I had a very targeted ad campaign. The CPC or cost-per-click was only .25 cents!

Motley Brew | Miami Lakes, Florida

Motley Brew Gleam Campaign
30 Day Gleam Giveaway Campaign
motley brew gleam actions
Motley Brew Total Campaign Actions
motley brew gleam actions
Motley Brew Total Campaign Actions

Motley Brew is a company owned by International Vapor Group, a company I partner with in the vaping industry as BestClearomizer.com.

They were creating a new brand and wanted a social channels push (circa 2015). I used social growth platform, Gleam, to make this happen. The stats above are some really great numbers for engagement for a simple giveaway.

I sent over 1,200 website visitors to their website within 30 days. If their average sales conversion rate was 5%, this campaign generated 60 individual sales. I also generated 200 followers for their Twitter account, and over 100 followers on Instagram.

(All the traffic was generated from 2 separate email blasts)

Marketing News Daily Podcast

Podcast Categories:

Marketing News

Marketing Software

Social Media News

In the spring of 2018, I started working on a podcast called "Marketing News Daily". It was an honest "proof of concept" test run with how to start and run a daily podcast show. I focued on marketing news after recognizing a need for a daily news show in the marketing realm.

I tested multiple styles of intros/outros, and started to understand the time needed to produce a daily show; including the daily reading, recording and editing of a 5 minute curated news show. Although this was my first real attempt at podcasting, I am not new to the podcasting scene and it's potential for exposure.

I have been heavily involved in listening to business and digital marketing podcasts since late 2013. I even went to the 2nd annual Podcast Movement in 2015 where I got to meet one of my favorite affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs, Pat Flynn:

Podcast Movement 2015 with Pat Flynn
Met Pat Flynn at Podcast Movement 2015

His podcast was instrumental for me learning how to do affiliate marketing back in 2013 when I started my business.

Some of my favorite podcasts I found the most useful were "Smart Passive Income" by Pat Flynn, "Niche Pursuits" by Spencer Haws, and "The Authority Hacker Podcast".

Antioch Ann Arbor (2017-2019)

I serve as a volunteer at Antioch Community Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have been attending Antioch since 2014. Their tagline is a "Passion for Jesus & His Purposes in the Earth".

I started serving for Antioch in 2016 on Sundays doing their Service Slides for worship and the sermons. In 2017, I started optimizing their website for local SEO and managing their Paid Advertising Campaigns.

In the summer of 2018, I took over as their Director of Marketing. Since then, I have been responsible for leading out the online growth strategies such as:

- Optimizing SEO (on-page and off-page)
- Strategizing and Managing Paid Ad Campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords
- Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)
- Editing & Publishing Weekly Podcast

The campaigns listed below are some examples of Facebook and Google Paid Advertising campaigns I have implemented for the church:

Antioch Ann Arbor Community Church

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Social Media Manager

Managing Paid Ad Campaigns

Editing & Publishing Podcast

I've been leading out the marketing channels and social media advertising for Antioch since the summer of 2018. I also write our weekly newsletter and edit our podcast.

There are a lot of content pieces to work with, and it has given me a greater ability to be creative with the different social media channels.

Instagram has been the best channel for organic reach and we have seen a good response from Facebook Ads as well.

Below is an example of a Facebook Ad we ran for new visitors:

Antioch Ads Example Desktop
6-Day FB Ad Campaign w/ >$200 Budget
antioch ad example mobile
antioch ad example mobile

This was a 6-day ad campaign ran on less than $200.

I targeted my ad objectives as link clicks to generate new visitors to the website. The landing page was our 'Sunday Services' page with more information about the church, it's values and times of service.

We received 144 link clicks to the landing page for $1.16 per click.

This was the first time I tested paid social traffic for lead generation for the church.

Nabtesco Motion Control (2018-Present)

Nabtesco is the world's leading cycloidal gearbox manufacturer. I was recently brought in to head up their marketing efforts. Nabtesco is the preferred choice for high quality and proven performance, wherever precise motion is required.

Some of the applications they provide products for are as followed:

  • Robotics
  • Welding Positioners
  • Rotary Tables
  • Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Antenna Systems

Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc.

2019 Goals:

Increase Brand Awareness

Develop Marketing Strategies

Generate a Positive ROI on Ad Spend

One of my main objectives is to increase our brand awareness in the industry through online marketing efforts. I also work with our distributors to help promote our products online by offering support and optimization recommendations for advertising campaigns.

I am currently developing the creation and growth of our monthly newsletter, social media channels, and SEO lead generation.

Primary areas of focus and goals for 2019 are:

  • 300% growth in Organic Search YoY
  • Complete Website Redesign by Summer 2019
  • Improve Website UX & Sales leads with Chat-bot Integration
  • Setup Paid Advertising Campaigns (Direct & Re-targeting)

I have been testing out multiple marketing strategies on different platforms with varied success.

After posting for the first time on our companies LinkedIn page, we essentially went "viral" with a short video giveaway for our plastic product models. Here's the LinkedIn post.

Here are some stats from the viral LinkedIn post:

linkedin impressions nabtesco
LinkedIn Post Impressions
linkedin video stats
Total Video Views over 30 days

Gearbox Giveaway Stats:

  • 22,103 Impressions
  • 8,797 Video Views
  • 631 Clicks (email landing page)
  • 112 Emails Collected

The video was a full 20 seconds of a sped-up walk-through of our office, while I was holding the replica plastic model gearbox in my hand.

After the first day of going viral, we ran out of plastic models to give away. I ended up having to create a landing page for people to sign up to receive a plastic model once we receive a new shipment to the office.

This was the first time we ever posted on our companies LinkedIn page!

We generated more views to our video on LinkedIn for December than we had in website traffic over the same time period.

I'm just getting started with Nabtesco, but I love the B2B world already. To 2019 and beyond!

rich priebe jr headshot

Rich Priebe Jr

Modern Day Marketer

Over the past 5 years, I've went from generating millions of dollars in sales with affiliate niche sites to consulting with local businesses on their digital marketing strategies.

I'm now focusing full time as the Marketing Manager for Nabtesco Motion Control as well as building out my SEO Agency.

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That's a lot of different projects I've taken on in a short amount of time, all with success in different areas. One thing's for sure, I'm not afraid to keep pioneering this vast landscape.