How I Turned My Disc Golf Hobby Into a Passive Income Stream

Disc Golf

I started playing disc golf in late 2012. By early 2013, I was hooked.

I spent the next 2 years playing round after round building my bag, learning how to throw more than 300 ft, and finding out what discs I liked and disliked.

It was officially my new favorite hobby.

Around the same time, I had started a ‘side-project’ I had with my roommate, TJ. We were learning how to build out websites, write blog posts, and rank them in Google as part of this new thing we heard of called, “affiliate marketing”.

We would essentially write a huge review article on a new product, and we would receive a commission for anyone who went on to purchase the product through our affiliate link.

We were also learning what ‘SEO’ meant, and were trying to rank our reviews in Google Search.

In late 2015, I decided to start writing disc golf product reviews. I realized there was a need in the disc golf community for more comprehensive disc reviews.

Outside of a few blogs, the only place I found great quality reviews were on the disc golf subreddit and disc golf forums.

I decided to build out my website, calling it ‘’, playing off of the idea of the disc golf plastic and a common disc golf term ‘mando’.

mandoplastic logo
Mandatory Plastic Logo

I focused on writing the biggest reviews for disc golf bags, backpacks and discs. I also wrote individual reviews on the Innova Destroyer and a few other discs.

Within 4 months, my new website was ranking #1 for terms like, “Innova Daedalus Review” and“Gstar Plastic Review”. By Mid 2017, I was ranking for search terms like “Best Disc Golf Bags”, “Best Disc Golf Discs” and “Best Disc Golf Backpacks”.

The key to ranking for ‘buyer-intent’ search terms in Google is to write the best content for that search term possible.

So, I had spent between 50–100 hours between researching content, formatting words, adding links to content for each huge article. Each huge article I wrote was a minimum of 2,000 words.

Here’s a screenshot of the traffic I’ve generated on the site since late 2015:

site traffic by landing page (mobile)
Web Traffic since 2015
mandoplastic site traffic
Web Traffic since 2015

I signed up for an affiliate program through and, so when disc golfers decided on purchasing a new disc or bag, I would get a commission from the sale.

Because I was able to generate commissions, I started doing monthly giveaways and ran a weekly email newsletter that highlighted the best product deals each and every week.

I was able to generate ‘passive income’ from this method. I wasn’t able to ‘quit my job’, but it did supply me with extra cash to purchase as many discs I wanted.

I recently stopped working on the website, and my hosting expired. I still own the domain, but have redirected it to my main website.

If you want to take a look at it, you can check out what it looked like through

Building out mandatoryplastic wasn’t easy. It took alot of my free time in the beginning. It’s something you’d have to commit to if you want to build out something similar.

I averaged around 10–15 hours/week for the first few months. But, I also knew exactly what I was doing.

If you’re interested in getting started doing affiliate marketing or even something similar, here’s the list of everything I used to get started:

Website Domain (I used Godaddy for domain registration)

Website Hosting (I used Godaddy for my ‘managed wordpress hosting plan’)

Website CMS (WordPress (free))

Affiliate Programs (Amazon and Infinite Discs)

Email Newsletter Provider (Mailchimp)

I also used a few different wordpress plugins, including:

Redirection plugin (for redirecting/masking affiliate links)

Thrive Themes (Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder)

Pop-up Builder (Email Popup on website)

Besides this, I have a pretty in-depth knowledge of SEO, including what type of words to put where on your website.

There are a great amount of resources to figuring out the exact steps to get started. I will never discount Google searching, and self-learning.

If you’re interested in learning more about the basics of SEO, I’d recommend checking out Brian Dean from Backlinko. Here’s his definitive guide on SEO.

He is absolutely an authoritative voice in the Search Engine Marketing Realm.

 I will always vouch for Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

I’ve probably spent closer to 100 hours listening to his podcasts and reading his blog posts when I was just getting started.

He has a massive guide for getting started with “affiliate marketing” and it’s a FREE downloadable PDF.

I enjoy writing on topics such as SEO, Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Trends.

If you got value from this article, I would love for you to tweet me @RichPriebeJr and let me know your biggest takeaway 😉

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