Humble Beginnings

(Circa 2014 ) My business partner, TJ and I. We received our first official check after about 5 months of working on our website.

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A Call on My Heart

In 2016 after the best year in my business, I felt a calling from God to re-dedicate my life to Him.

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Your Next Pioneer

I specialize in lead generation and customer acquisition through social media and search engine marketing . I've produced over 3 million in referred sales using SEO. I have an analytical approach and a futuristic mindset when it comes to marketing in this communication shift.

I have a deep knowledge of search intent and use it to create the highest quality pieces of content in my industry. In 2014, Leadpages featured my website in their monthly blog for greatest split test improvement.

I've generated over 50,000 sales on my site and expanded my email list from 0 to 20,000 in 18 months.

Since 2016, one of my main areas of focus has been consulting with local businesses in the Detroit area. I help my clients strategize, implement, and maintain their digital marketing strategies.

More recently, I took on a full time marketing position at Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc. They are the world's largest cycloidal gearbox manufacturer, providing the best option for motion control in industrial robots, welding positioners, machine tools and more.

Here's the thing....

Anyone can tell you what they've done, but I'll show you a more detailed look at some of my best examples of what I've accomplished in this short time.